Why are Irish Researchers Increasingly Seeking Private Statistical Consultancy?

Statistical consultancy was once considered a privilege for a select few due to its high cost. However, it is now being increasingly sought after by researchers, especially in Ireland. As one of Ireland’s premier statistical consultancy company, we at Data Analysis Ireland, often get researchers seeking private and confidential consultancy at affordable prices. Given the needs of our clients, we provide consultancy to students, researchers, businesses and other organisations.

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In this article,

We explore some of the most common reasons for researchers to seek statistical consultancy in Ireland:

Increase in Quantitative Research: Irish research, both in quantity and quality, has grown immensely over the decades. That has also impacted the need for private statistical consultancy in Ireland. It is now well understood that as quantitative research in Ireland will increase, so will be the need for private statistical consultancy.

Researchers from different research areas are increasingly interested in “quantifying” their research and hence actively seek statistical consultancy. It wouldn’t be unwise even to suggest that we are currently entering the boom period of private statistical consultancy in Ireland, especially sought by researchers. Perhaps there has not been a time in Irish history when researchers across different research domains seek this actively private statistical consultancy. At Data Analysis Ireland, we provide consultancy to researchers seeking such services.

Qualitative Background of Researchers: One of the top reasons perhaps to seek statistical consultancy is the qualitative background of researchers. Disciplines like psychology, medicine, sociology, and political science have seen a significant increase in quantitative research, leading to increased demand for statistical consultancy.

At Data Analysis Ireland, we often get researchers from these disciplines to seek statistical consultancy. Perhaps the first statement they make is, “How are we supposed to know all these statistical concepts, given my qualitative background!”. At Data Analysis Ireland, we provide consultancy to researchers who have a qualitative background.

Incomplete Knowledge of Quantitative Research: At Data Analysis Ireland, we provide statistical consultancy, not just to Irish researchers who come from a qualitative background, but also to researchers with a quantitative background. Statistical consultancy is also sought by those researchers who have incomplete knowledge of statistical methods.

For example, a researcher may be proficient in descriptive analysis but not inferential statistics.

Therefore, we at Data Analysis Ireland provide statistical consultancy keeping this in mind. We modify our consultancy so that the researcher gets maximum results in minimum time.

Complexity of Statistical Software: While statistical software like SPSS, STATA, EVIEWS, EXCEL, R, MINITAB have become a boon for statistical consultancy, they have also come with confusion for researchers. Researchers now have a problem of too much choice due to so many software and statistical methods to choose from.

For example, a simple analysis like checking normality of data can be done in so many different ways in different statistical software. At Data Analysis Ireland, we provide consultancy to researchers on any statistical software of their choice.

Simplifying the Write-up of Results: Some researchers find it easy to do a few clicks in statistical software like SPSS or STATA and produce statistical results. However, when statistical software like SPSS or STATA provide complex quantitative results, researchers find it very challenging to write them and thus seek statistical consultancy. At Data Analysis Ireland, one of our core missions is to provide researchers with simple and clear statistical consultancy to write up their results.

At Data Analysis Ireland, we first make sure that the analysis carried out is up to the highest standards of statistics and econometrics. Once we can back the reliability and validity of statistical results, we then provide statistical consultancy to help write up the results clearly. We also specialise in providing consultancy to write journal articles.

Statistical Consultancy for Dream Projects: At Data Analysis Ireland, we often get researchers who understand statistics and econometrics but still seek statistical consultancy. One of the top reasons for it is that as the project is very dear to the researcher, the researcher just doesn’t want to take any risk or exclude some statistical analysis that should have been carried. At Data Analysis Ireland,

we understand how close the projects could be to Irish researchers and therefore provide an exceptional statistical consultancy to researchers. Such projects are also very dear to our analysts as they show love and respect towards statistics and econometrics.

For statistical consultancy, contact us at “support@dataanalysis.ie”. Alternatively, call us or WhatsApp us at 089 278 9288. 

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