Unravelling the Need for Statistical Consultancy in Ireland

Unravelling the Need for Statistical Consultancy in Ireland

Statistical consultancy in Ireland is undoubtedly one of the topmost services researchers and organisations seek. For researchers, statistical consultancy is a way to understand their data better and perform statistical analysis that would not be feasible otherwise. For businesses and other casinos in Ireland, statistical consultancy is useful in making better decisions by providing insights into the data. Statistical consultancy is indeed more than just providing help with statistical software like SPSS, STATA, EXCEL, MINITAB, MEDCALC, R etc.

The main aim of statistical consultancy is to simplify and unravel the data and provide meaningful results backed by statistical tests and econometrics. In this article, we look at statistical consultancy in Ireland via statistical software and statistical consultancy without them.

Statistical Consultancy with Statistical Software: SPSS, STATA, EXCEL, MINITAB

Statistical Consultancy with Statistical Software: SPSS, STATA, EXCEL, MINITAB

One of our most sought-after services, here at Data Analysis Ireland, is statistical consultancy with statistical software like SPSS, STATA, EXCEL, MINITAB, R, etc. However, our aim at Data Analysis Ireland is to provide statistical consultancy in such a way that researchers understand the rationale behind applying various statistical tests and econometrics. Statistical consultancy with statistical software can sometimes be very daunting, especially with more and more updates releasing into software. While these updates are useful, however, for researchers with qualitative background, this can make it very confusing too.

Statistical software often have the capability and flexibility of performing numerous statistical tests and econometrics. This is where statistical consultancy becomes useful. If you can perform over 100 statistical tests in statistical software, it doesn’t imply running all the statistical tests. A statistical consultancy company like Data Analysis Ireland can provide you with the assistance to narrow down your search to a limited 3 or 4 statistical tests. For the same reason, statistical consultancy with software like SPSS, STATA, EXCEL, MINITAB can save researchers a lot of time, and prevent businesses from making poor decisions.

Statistical Consultancy without Statistical Software

One of the most common myths is that statistical consultancy necessarily involves statistical software like SPSS, STATA, EXCEL, MINITAB, etc. This myth especially floats amongst people who are new to statistics and have recently gone through some applied statistical module in university or elsewhere. Some of the most common software used to give statistical consultancy these days are SPSS & STATA. However, the first version of SPSS was released in 1968 and the first version of STATA was released in 1985.

Does this mean that statistical consultancy did not exist before that? The truth is that statistical consultancy with a pen and paper is as good as statistical consultancy with statistical software. A good statistician or econometrician can provide excellent statistical consultancy without any statistical software. For the same reason, it is paramount that when students and researchers are taught statistical analysis, they must also be taught about basics of statistical tests. In other words, the basic mathematics and statistics behind various statistical tests should also form part of the modules. This will indeed provide students and researchers with the understanding and the confidence to provide statistical tests and econometrics.

There is indeed a catch. Yes, statistical consultancy without software is as good as without it; however, statistical consultancy may not be as fast as with statistical software. Statistical software have indeed reduced a significant chunk of time for analysts to provide statistical consultancy or assistance. This, of course, has had a ripple effect on the amount of quantitative research that almost keeps on increasing decade by decade.

Consequences of Poor Statistical Consultancy

Statistical consultancy is like any other service. You get good service in a restaurant; you have a pleasant mood and an excellent day. You get poor service in a restaurant; you have a bad day, or worse, you fall sick.

Similarly, you get good quality statistical consultancy, and as a researcher, you can save weeks or months. As a business, with good statistical consultancy, you can have valuable insights to boost efficiency and profits. However, get poor statistical consultancy, and you will end up doubling or tripling your work. For researchers, poor statistical consultancy will lead to researchers drawing incorrect conclusions and when peer-reviewed, they may end up redoing the entire work. On top of it, researchers may face the embarrassment of having incorrect statistical and econometric work done as part of their research.

For businesses and other organisations, the consequences of poor statistical consultancy are even more severe. Poor statistical consultancy can lead to organisations making decisions based on incorrect statistical results. This would indeed not just affect the bottom line of businesses but may also severely impact their decision-making ability about employees, purchases, marketing, sales and future predictions.

At Data Analysis Ireland, we provide excellent statistical consultancy in Ireland for researchers and organisations. For statistical consultancy, contact us at “support@dataanalysis.ie”. Alternatively, call us or WhatsApp us at 089 278 9288.

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