Q1: What kind of statistical and econometric analysis help can you provide?

Answer: We are able to provide confidential services for virtually all possible statistical and econometric analysis. Some include descriptive statistics including mean, median, mode, standard deviation, variance skewness, kurtosis, etc. Inferential statistics including hypothesis testing, t-tests, correlation, ANOVA, chi-square, linear regression, logistic regression, moderated mediation analysis, structural equation modeling as well as other parametric, semi-parametric, and non-parametric methods. 

Q2: What would be the cost of service?

Answer: The cost of the service depends upon the services needed. We offer discounted prices to students as well as other researchers facing financial difficulties.

Q3: What kind of statistical software can I get help with?

Answer: We work with almost all statistical softwares including Excel, SPSS, Stata, Minitab, SAS, SmartPLS, etc.

Q4: I want immediate help with my data as I have a deadline approaching. How fast can you help?

Answer: We try to respond to your emails within 2-3 hours if sent in working hours (9 am to 7 pm) and we always endeavour to help you the very same day.

Q5: I am trying to collect survey data, can you help me in framing questions?

Answer: Yes, indeed. We offer confidential guidance in collecting data.

Q6: I have done the analysis. Can you help in writing?

Answer: Yes, we do provide help in writing the estimated results for both technical as well as non-technical audiences.

Q7: Are the services confidential?

Answer: We completely understand the power of data and therefore the need for anonymity. For the same reason, all services are completely confidential.

Q8: Can you do a seminar at our university/company?

Answer: We are very much open to conduct seminars in data analysis. Please contact support@dataanalysis.ie for more information.

Q9: When do I pay for the services?

Answer: We provide the best possible service to our clients and therefore, all payments are only requested after the service is completed. We don’t charge any money before.

Q10: How do I pay?

Answer: If services are provided online, you can do a simple bank transfer. If in person, we accept cash as well as bank transfer.